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Since coming across hemp in the himalayan mountains 4 years ago, I have steadily believed in the potential and necessity of this project and have therefore gone all in. This meant dropping out of my studies, putting all my hard worked savings in it as well as my time and attention in order to follow this idea.

Now, finally, after 4 years of hard work and amazing happenings, we are about to plant our first seed by publishing our first documentary in november. This will plant the basement for all future projects.

So far I have financed the expenses from my own pocket. I feel fortunately having great friends that have been volunteering their time and skills in order to help pushing it forward. Aiming for more quality, including a better equipment and more interviews in different parts of the world, the project requests a new approach regarding a sustainable growth and its finances.

I continue to believe that freedom of thought is a crucial part of this project to grow freely, expressing what needs to be said. This is why, untill this moment I have rejected the idea of asking big sponsors to get on board because I believe that the power of a collective is bigger and more sustainable when combining its forces.

In 2019 I’d love to dedicate more time and energy to this project and therefore happily invite you to be part of it, helping me to stabilize the projects as well as my own finances to conduct the interviews and trips that need to be done in order to put this hemp documentary series together.

Housing, living costs, work-trip expenses, conferences, equipment, insurance, freelance- salaries, taxes..  there are lots of expenses but together we can  manage!

Thank you for helping to grow this project, spreading awareness and truth! It means the world to me and helps this project spreading its cause.

Let it hemp!



Lukas Hinkelmann
IBAN: DE14 1203 0000 1016 6895 70

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oder Paypal an luke@letithemp.earth