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Mr Luke H.

Hi, I’m Luke, german-colombian adventurer and hemp enthusiast. This hemp journey started in the Himalayan Mountains, meeting Sunti, an incredible nepali woman, 5 years ago, introducing me into the magic of hemp and its multiple ways benefitting her community. Ever since there hasn’t  been a day I cannot think about hemp and its potential! Having dropped out from Humboldt University Berlin (Asian studies), I am now fully dedicating my energy towards this documentary project. YEAH! I’m feeling grateful and exited to work with my friends on this hemp journey, filming inspiring people & projects around the world that got some important things to say and sharing their message with you. What a life! LET IT HEMP!

Meeting my hemp mentor and friend Sunti in the Mountains, learning about hemp


Mr Ma Raab

Ma is a former Punk Rock Guitarist who started his career working with sound editing and recording. Thanks to his passionate ‚do-it-yourself‘- attitude, he went into filmmaking and is enriching the film industry ever since. Always looking for the moment while filming, he has been directing, filming and editing for many projects around the globe, lately focussing only on projects that have a strong cause. Ma is a crazy drone pilot who loves challenging existing ways of filming. We were introduced by a close friend of ours here in Berlin and started off together on this cinematic hemp journey!

Head of Film & Photography: Mr Ma Raab.


Mr Gunjan Chowdhary

Gunjan Chowdhary is an artist, mind surfer, thought explorer and motor cyclist. His art includes drawings by hand, digitally as well tattoo style. His babe is called ‚Royal Enfield‘. If he is not mind surfing, drawing or involved in any arty activity, he is most probably flying his babe over the streets of Mumbai with his sunnies on. We met in Mumbai through a close friend of ours in August 2015 and Mary Jane was our witness. The development of the logo was a process of many months after we had met and I couldn’t imagine a more fitting and beautiful piece of art.

Head of Design: Mr Gunjan Chowdhary