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According to science, climate change is the biggest single threat to humanity.

The rise of consumption and the production of non-decomposable goods are acellerating this process. Scientists are forecasting a global collapse within the next 25 years.

There are not few voices claiming that hemp may provide some local, easy-to-accomplish, and sustainable solutions across industries and countries.


Could that be true?


We don’t know but let’s find out! Embark on a journey around the world, investigating on that most important question of our time. Let’s find out if hemp could play any role for accomplishing the sustainable development goals 2030 (SDG’s)!


Get to know inspiring people across the world who are planting the seeds of tomorrow:

Engineers who are building race cars out of hemp, scientists finding ways to create hemp plastic, european hemp farmers returning to hemp, indigenous women in the himalayas turning wild hemp into textiles, patients and doctors and their cannabis experiences, airplanes out of hemp flying on hemp fuel..


First Outtake of LET-IT-HEMP