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This is really happening. Cannabis is finally being made available to the people! But unfortunately not quick enough, not transparent enough! Still too many people are suffering despite having such a gift of nature available. Our rain forests are being cut, our water polluted, animals hurt- despite having a great answer ready to blossom for all.
A lot of education yet to be done, this personal perspective aims to share some valuable insights from the past 7 years in order for you to empower yourself and share these infos on how to lead a good life with cannabis with your tribe.
More info coming soon, thanks for joining this adventure!
Luke X
It is not only our human right to use this plant, it is our biological right
Alice O'Leary Randall

My focus

No matter who you are and what your profession is. Cannabis will improve the area of your life with healthy and environmental friendly potential! My focus of interest regarding Cannabis:

Prof. Dr. Stein

Medical & scientific

Cannabis has been wildly used for treating medical conditions for over 4000 years.
Newest studies are backing these reports with a lot of data. I spoke to doctors and scientists who are part of the medical revival of medicinal Cannabis and asked bluntly why people in various countries are still not getting their permission to freely use their medicine…



Hemp & sustainability

Across many fossil-fuel alternatives there is no greater resource that offers so many multi purpose solutions like hemp! Easy to grow, with few water and pesticide input and regionally! Suitable for almost every industry! Can there be a better way to reach the 2030SDG’s?

black fist

Justice & equity

Despite the amazing aspects of hemp, in recent times we never used its full potential! Moreover, in the past century, Cannabis (laws) were intentionally installed & used against minorities who were willingly left behind and who suffered a lot under the war on drugs.
Now is time to speak up, stand up and to let everyone have their fair share from from this plant that can bring justice and equity to all.